Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fruit Salad

I have been busy making baby gifts lately. I knit a cucumber, carrot, orange and eggplant for two friends who are pregnant. I forgot to take pictures, but here is the pattern. The kiddos want some for themselves, so I have another eggplant in progress.

Monday, April 23, 2007


While leaving Costco the other day, I remarked to Aine that we needed to give the man the cart. I kept rambling about it when I noticed that the man wasn't a man. Oops! I then switched my ramblings to a feminine pronoun hoping the cart retriever wasn't totaly annoyed. However, if you dress in dickies, a flannel shirt and a baseball cap, I would think that chances are good you may be mistaken for the male gender. She was probably shaking her head as I walked away, or perhaps she was checking out my assets.

Slow Going

Going Back to Bisbee is packed with detail. It provides vivid indepth detail about the desert. It is a lot like talking to my father. It is a tough read. I am trying to slog my way through it, since I am the one who selected it. I blame the librarians of Arizona, however, as I am only on page 63.

Green Super Soaker

I forgot to post a picture of the shorties I made for a friend. They turned out fairly nice. I wanted to embellish a lizard or dragonfly on the back, but I chickened out. I used a thick and thin yarn which asn't my best choice. Right color; wrong yarn. Some spots are a bit thin. I am hoping she doesn't have a heavy wetter.

Monday, April 16, 2007


This word is resonating with me lately. There are two meanings for me, and they are intricately woven together. The first meaning: It depends on what I am doing. Yesterday I sneezed. Today I ran. It doesn't depend on the number of kegels I do. The second mening: If it keeps up, I may have to wear Depends.

I am a mother to two wonderful children that apparently reeked havoc on my body while in utero. I am occasionally incontinent. Today, I ran on the treadmill at the gym. No problem. I only ran for 25 minutes, but it felt good. I used a few weight machines for my legs. When I stood up to leave, I noticed my shorts felt wet. I mean REAL WET! I wondered what water I had encountered. Could my rear have sweat that much?? Nope, I had wet myself! The horror! To top it off, I didn't even know. Yesterday I sneezed and had to change shorts. I am my MOTHER!!

So, tonight and from this point forward, I will exercise my nether girlie bits while laying down with children. Up the elevator 1-2-3-4-5 down the elevator 5-4-3-2-1. The irony is that lately I have been kegeling. The injustice of it all...

Sunday, April 15, 2007


When I heard about the birth of my newest niece, I decided to make big and little sister bunnies. I used a pattern from a friend. The material was the same, but I laid it out differently. I like the smaller one a bit better. I probably should have irned it before stuffing. Oh well! I also made one for Eamon and Aine. They have carried them around the house and to bed on a few occasions.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Purple Tank

The first of the tank tops has been finished. I gave it to a friend of ours for her birthday. I gave it to her early to check sizing. It fits great. The only modification is with the straps. I plan on making them shorter or making tie straps on the future shirt. They stretch way too much and reveal a bit of skin.

I was able to procure some orange yarn for my oldest niece's shirt. I may do hers next - not sure. It is a soft cotton blend called Touche I really like the color. I am pairing the orange with a soft yellow. Hope it looks nice - I will post pictures when complete - perhaps with a model.

Going Back to Bisbee

I belong to a book group based off the book Angry Housewives Eating Bon-Bons
This month was my turn to select a book. I went the easy route and chose the same book the rest of the state is reading. One Book Arizona selects a book every April for the state to read. The libraries as well as book stores have various events throughout the month ranging from geography talks to book discussions. The book is pretty good thus far. We shall see what type of discussion it creates.

Baby Tank

I decided to knit my new niece a little halter shirt. I also needed a gift for an old friend's new baby. The Katja pattern from Knitty seemed like the best bet. It is a quick project. I only had some trouble casting on mid-project. With a little help from a fellow MDC mom, I figured it out. I think the first one turn out really nice. I am waiting for the yarn for the second. I will probably give Maura first right of refusal.