Monday, November 30, 2009

Socktober Socks

I finished the Through The Loops Mystery Socks for 2010. They turned out really nice. I am pleased with how quickly I knit them. It helped that I did two socks at one time - albeit on two different sets of needles.

Oh course, I still only have one sock from the 2008 knitalong, but who's keeping track.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Knitting through the stash

Last year I knit myself a hat. I had extra wool in the same Tolkein colorway, so I decided I needed a simple cowl to match the hat. Since I had finished the most recent sock clue, and I had knitting time in the evening, I decided to turn the yarn into my cowl. I used the remaining Chunky Galenas yarn from Three Irish Girls for the Dolores Park owl pattern . It looks good with the hat and wll keep me toasty if we travel north. Our winters here in the SW are not so cold as to demand much use of a hat and cowl. Oh well, it is cute.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Getting my Knitting Mojo Back

Very little crafting had been going on in these parts. I just hadn't felt the knitting love nor the desire to sew. Recently the tide seems to be shifting. I am participating in the Mystery Sock from Through the Loops for Socktober. The Knit A Long is run through Ravelry forums, and I love it. Each Thursday in October, I receive another clue for the sock (cuff, leg, heel, foot, toe). I am knitting both socks at once to avoid second sock syndrome and at the end of the month I will have a completed pair of socks!
Here is my progress thus far:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No More Funk

I have been using a product called Funk Butter as deodorant for over a year. It works very well, but it can be pricey with shipping. I had heard of others making their own deodorant, so I decided to give it a try. My sister gave me a recipe, and it works great. It is so easy and cheap - equal parts baking soda and corn starch with enough coconut oil to make your desired consistency. I added a couple drops of tea tree oil as well. I really like it. I don't stink at all! It even stands up to rowing.
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I did it

Since grade school, I have been enamored with something. I never took part in it, but I would watch with envy from the sidelines. I wanted to be a part of it. My friend's older sister did it and oh, how I wanted to as well.

I hoped when I applied to an Ivy League school my dream would become a reality. Unfortunately my dream didn't materialize as I attended ASU in the hot desert southwest. There was no way for me to be a part of what I saw.

Then it happened, the town of my university lost its senses and built a lake in an otherwise dry river bed. I saw a glimmer of my dream when boats started to be launched on it. Babies came and other responsibilities took precendent. I watched those boats for a long while, wondering if I would ever be able to be a part of a crew team.

Then a few weeks ago, I spotted it in the pages of the city park and rec magazine - Intro to Rowing. I waffled back and forth about taking it - could my husband handle three kiddos at bedtime, was it worth the money, could I do it physically, would I have to wear a bathing suit. Finally I hit the enroll button and I waited.

Last night my dream began to become a reality. Last night was my first class. I had to pass a swim test and watch a video. Oh, was I nervous! I had butterflies fearing that I might not pass the test. Then the head of the city's Rowing program told us we only had to stay alive for 10 minutes, she didn't care about form or method - just stay alive. Well, I could do that! And I did. The video was a bit scary outlining all the ways you could be hurt, but I am not afraid. I am ready for Wednesday and my first outing in a boat with others and oars.

Oh, I am so EXCITED!
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