Monday, May 21, 2007


I quickly realized after becoming a SAHM that department store and even internet shopping were no longer in the realm. I tried pacifying myself with clothes from the clearance section of Old Navy or the racks at Target. I so miss nice clothes. Clothes that fit. Clothes that are well made. I feel like I wear a uniform most days: khaki shorts and a solid t-shirt. All purchased from Target or Old Navy. Now, don't get me wrong. The clothes are fine, but they sure don't fit. The sizing is off or the look is wrong. I just feel dumpy. So, I decided to check out thrifting.

I am new to the sport of thrifting. I have gone a few times with my sister, but I am quickly being educated on the art of thrift shopping. A few friends of mine frequent Goodwill and Savers. They have found some amazing things. They have told me all about half-price Saturdays (every other one in Phoenix metro) and $1 Thursdays.

This past Saturday we set off to shop. My friends found clothes for me. I tried things, discarded what didn't fit and spent only $28!!! Most of the spending was for the kids or Dave, but I found some bargains for myself. I bought a GAP sweater, Liz Claiborne khaki capri pant (NWT), green roll-up capri pants and a skirt (NWT) for me; two dress shirts for D (one from Express for men); two dresses and a Gymboree sweater for A; and swim trunks and t-shirt for E

Here are photos of what I found:

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JustALittleBit_Me said...

So when are we going out on Saturday morning again? I'm game!