Friday, March 28, 2008

40 weeks 1 day

I have had easy pregnancies. Each has been healthy without any real discomfort until the last two weeks. I developed a golf ball sized cyst that made sitting, standing, walking or lying down incredibly painful. My midwife and her backup OB advised sitz baths, warm compresses and rest. There was basically no way to drain it until after the birth. It was horrible. I started complaining a lot and crying. I was a bit afraid I would drown in my own self-pity.

I decided that this baby could not be born at 41 weeks or I would lose it. After crying Wednesday night over my pain, I begged the baby to come soon. Well, someone was listening.

I started having mild contractions intermittently on Tuesday night. The surges would start and stop never increasing in intensity. I went to Birth Circle on Thursday night with mild surges about 4 minutes apart. My midwives were there as well as a few friends. They told me they thought it would be soon. I went home with hopes of an overnight baby. Not so easy! The contractions stopped, so I went to bed around midnight. I awoke to stronger contractions around 2:15am. I laid there for an hour before deciding to get up to see if they would continue and increase intensity. Nope - they spaced out, so I decided to go back to bed. When Dave was getting ready for work, the contractions started again and I suggested he stay home as I thought we were close.

The morning went slowly. I kept apologizing to Dave for the false alarm. A very good friend of mine came over to help with the kids. I also apologized for the slow-going to her. The surges did not start to pickup in duration or intensity until 12:30-1pm. I tried lying down to nap as I had not had much sleep. The contractions came regularly and started to become more intense.

Around 2pm, I got into the bathtub. I remembered how great the tub was with my previous births. It was more difficult getting comfortable due to the cyst. It was painful. I asked Dave to call our midwife. He asked if it was close, because he wanted to make food run. I told him he had time, but to make it quick.

The midwives arrived around 2:40pm and things began to get intense. I went to the bathroom to pee and subsequently vomited. The same thing had happened with A, so I knew I was getting closer. I staggered back to the tub to be hit with really intense surges. I started losing a bit of control and really vocalizing. I was checked and cleared to push as my body told me. The surges hurt so much with the cyst. I felt as if the baby may split me in half. I started pushing and yelling about the pain. One of the midwifes applied counter pressure as I pushed on my knees. The head started to emerge and she asked me to flip over. The cyst was making things more difficult. I felt down and helped ease the baby's head out while supporting my tissue. The shoulders were next and a little sticky due to everything. I screamed, "Get it Out!" as I pushed a final push.

At 3:41pm, I felt my baby glide from my body and into the water. Dave & I saw immediately that it was a boy. We laid him on my chest and started talking to him. E & A welcomed their new baby brother enthusiastically. Neither wanted to cut the cord, so Dave did. He then took the baby skin to skin, while I got out of the bath and into bed. The placenta was soon delivered, and our new baby boy was checked out. He was perfect - 10lbs 13 oz and 22.5 inches long.

I had no tears and the cyst did not rupture. It had swelled a bit more (lemon/baseball size). My midwives were amazed at my strength and resolve with such an obstacle. Luckily it can now be resolved by the gynecologist and won't be a problem.

Thank you so much to all my friends for their support. It was a wonderful experience being at home welcoming our son.


Michelle said...

You are an awesome birth goddess! I am in awe of you. Now, enjoy that babymoon! I will be there to tend to you soon.

jen said...

Beautiful. Just like you said :)
I am just so happy for you - thank you for sharing. See you soon.

Cat's Litterbox said...

Moved me to tears Heather. Thanks for being so open and honest about your birth. I am very proud of you and inspired as well. Take care of yourself and enjoy yourself!!

Melanie said...

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your birth story -- it was just beautiful! You're a homebirth inspiration ;) Enjoy your babymoon!!

Melissa said...

What a wonderful and truly inspiring birth story. Wonder woman indeed. :)

Phoebe said...

Heather, you are inspiring - brave, true and real. Benton is a beautiful symbol of your strength and love.