Monday, August 18, 2008

This link sums it up for me nicely and leads you here. Like Molly Coddle, we don't watch much TV. We go in spurts, but my children know who Mr. Rogers is through some books and DVDs from the library. I fondl recall Mr. Rogers and have watched the program with my children. It is a heartening show in sharp contrast to the programming of today. I am off to write a letter.

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Karen said...

Mr. Rogers is already off in the Phoenix area.

I loved that man. He dealt with so many issues with such sensitivity. He showed a woman breastfeeding (nipple and everything!), talked to kids about what an ambulance is like so they wouldn't be as scared if they ever had to ride in one (personally very helpful), and let kids with divorced parents know that it was not their fault. And when he tackled these issues (that may not even get on the air today) he made me believe that everything was really going to be okay. Maybe even more than Bob Marley.

And...when Sesame Street tried to get Big Bird on the show Mr. Rogers said that Big Bird could either be in a part of the Neighborhood of Make Believe or they would have to show who the person in the costume was. He liked a distinction between "real" characters & big yellow birds that were clearly fake.

Oh....that reminds me of the episode when he had the woman who played the wicked witch from Wizard of Oz. He had her show how it was just makeup and acting so that kids would feel more comfortable with that difference between real/fiction. See how much he cared about us? He loved us as kids and he loves us as parents to help ease the fears of our kids. That man was magic.

And did you ever see the episode of Arthur that he was on? It was one of their bests.

I'm going to back in therapy again discussing my grief over Fred Rogers' death all over again...