Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Writers are sexy.  Not in the eye candy type of way, but in the ability to put words to paper.  They are sexy as they hone sentences into complex thoughts that elicit emotions and images.  The ability to write can be a gift as the ability to read the written word can transform an individual.  One is transported to another time and place with unique smells images and emotions.  Writers do this for their readers.

Recently I have been walking and listening.  Each morning I put on my headphones and venture forth by myself for a bit of time alone.  During these sojourns, I listen.  I listen to podcasts.  My favorite explores writers.  They are writers of the short story, and the podcast is from the New Yorker.

The short story is magical.  In just a few pages an entire drama unfolds.  Do you remember reading The Lottery?  If you cannot, please stop now and read it.  It is fantastic.  The author skillfully transports you and then shocks you at the end.  All within 30 minutes!  The words in a short story must matter.  There is no room for extra verbiage.  Each word gives meaning and adds to the whole.  The elements of style abound in a short story.  A good short story author skillfully weaves the tale leading the reader.  I love them.

So if you only have thirty minutes to spare, read or listen to a short story.  Hear the magic of an idea unfolding in a short space and marvel at the author's ability to create something with so few words.  I swear it is a treat.

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