Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Does Almost Count

I am trying to get back into shape. I really enjoyed this pregnancy - my last. I enjoyed it wholeheartedly as the scale indicates. I am needing to shed the extra baggage I am carrying, and it isn't happening. Yes, my baby is only 6 wks old, but I don't want to be signing the same song with a two year ("But, I just had a baby." "Uh, lady, he's two").

I figured I could walk early in the morning before D leaves for work. It seemed foolproof. Yeah, right. I started on Mother's Day. I walked without a hitch. Baby B was in the Moby wrap and Ava was on the leash. Easy Peasy. No walk yesterday - too tired after not sleeping due to stuffy baby. Then there is today.

Everyone was awake when I suited up at 5:30a to walk. A insisted she wanted to come along. I reminded her that we would walk at the zoo, and this is my walking ALONE/FAST time. She lost it crumbling into a heap of tears. After much talking, she agreed to walk with me tomorrow. So, off I headed down the street at 5:46. I suddenly hear E wailing after me. He wants to tell me that I forgot my iPod and B's diaper. I thank him for his help and urge him to run back home. He does and again I am off - 5:50. I walk with Baby B and Ava carelessly for 1.5 miles - it is all the time I have before D has to leave. I added a few lunges, squats, crunches and pushups when I came home.

I am pretty sure my heartrate didn't get into the right range and the mileage was low, but it sure does a lot for my mental health. Bring on the day...


Michelle said...

Mental health. And that is why I walk. I I get a little physical health in there too, so be it.

Karen said...

"Uh, lady, she's FIVE!"

Some kid asked me today if I was having another baby after he touched my belly!

I need to get my ass to the gym!