Saturday, May 03, 2008


When I am pregnant I CRAVE eggs. I can eat them daily with no problem. Sometimes I may even have them at two meals. I think they are delicious. It is especially true when I have been pregnant with my sons. I would often order an egg and sausage sandwich on an English Muffin for breakfast from the grill at work when pregnant with my oldest. However once those wee babies leave my womb, the egg love evaporates. Poof! Eggs disgust me. I mean, really, you are eating an EGG. BLECH!!!! The kids and I recently read An Egg is Quiet. It really made us all think about the eggs we eat. Add to that the fact that my sister has been having double yoke eggs, and I am about ready to chuck them out the proverbial window. (Apparently double yoked eggs come from teen or menopausal chickens - basically hormonal wacky fowl). So, here I sit with three quiches sitting in my freezer just mocking my former egg loving self.

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jen said...

LOL about the hormonally wacky foul...but I have to say, I am the exact same way. Loved eggs all three pregnancies. Can't touch them after babies came out...and just to make me suffer more, E LOVES "yolky" eggs (over-easy). *Blech*Puke*Eewww*