Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My Tribe

I may have already said this, but I have good friends (of course, I have to say it because they read this blog - hi, guys!). They are there to support each other and me at every turn. We have had many things happen with our tribe, and we have always pulled together to help. The weird thing is that this group of women met on the internet.

When E was born, I felt really isolated. I went to La Leche League meetings, which was a great resource and support for me. I didn't find any friends there, and the meetings were a bit far away (settle down, C, this was the Glendale mtg). With an infant and a husband who worked nights, I knew I need to find more like minded mamas to keep my sanity. I found a group called AZMAMAS through Mothering magazine. It was weird meeting people for the first time. I had to tell my uber-cautious husband that I was taking our 6 month old to a Halloween party at a stranger's house. "Oh yeah, sweetie, did I tell you, I met this stranger online?" For the record, I did make sure I had met at least one of the attendees in real life in a public setting first (I am not crazy; I did read the newspaper).

I am so glad I went to those first book group meetings and the first annual Halloween party. I cannot imagine parenting or living for that matter without these women. Hell, one has even seen me naked - not once, but twice. She has witnessed the birth of my two younger children. I have even let a few of these women watch my beloved babies. They bring me food, talk me off my cliffs, let my children use their bathrooms unannounced, allow me to veg on their couches. I love 'em.

Thank you, ladies, for being a tremendous support to me and one another. Thanks, tribe.

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Karen said...

Woo hoo! You mentioned me twice! Kinda funny that my halloween party led to seeing you all nakey. Funny how things turn out.

I love us too. I never thought I could love a something as much as I love us. I'm glad that we all became one (hehe).